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There is a moment in the near future where Scientist believe we will transform the notion of what we believe to be Human. By conducting some of the most controversial experiments, Scientists are unlocking the secrets of the Human Brain, moving us towards the moment where it will be possible to store our minds in machines. Then we will be able to change what we are, and who we are. This is the story of how Biology and Technology will combine to create a new type of Human. Human version 2.0.
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On july 28 2007
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by Andres, on October 14 2007:
Somehow I feel they're more inclined toward de Garis's argument (pessimistic) over Kurzweil's (optimistic) view in this documentary. This is a very good documentary, nonetheless. Infact, any exposure of the masses to the concept of advanced technological progress on the potential of human enhancement is always good. Even if some parts of the video hold a tone of a weird, science experiment, I find it to be positive and important that BBC is exploring this topic, because in doing so we are reaching and educating a wide audience on an International scale.

I believe de Garis is a brilliant man, however, he is promoting a very pessimistic meme over the potential of the Singularity. Remember, de Garis is a Scientist and he is, infact, dedicated to the very research that he is warning us about.

Personally, I find the documentary PBS did called '22nd Century' ( better explores the possibilities of Human Enhancement.

On the topic of Luddites such as the Unibomber:

Let us never forget that what the Unibomber did was not only an act against technology, it was an atrocious act against Humanity. A person that appreciates life and does not agree with technological progress could find far better ways to attempt to alter the course of history, without committing such vile acts against the world.

Personally, I believe the pace of progress will not stop. We've seen it haste through dark ages, times of peace and war, at an ever increasing rate.

Let us put into perspective that the pulse of progress has been beating long before the early days of our planet. The pace of universal evolution has increased exponentially through biology since the first unicellular organisms, leading to truly complex systems, such as multi-cellular organisms that led to intelligent life and space-faring human civilizations.

Since the early days in which our ancestors used a fire or a piece of rock as a tool (an extension of themselves) for the very first time, we have seen how technological progress has advanced, assisting the quality of life for the descendants of these technology driven civilizations. Even giving rise to the Biotechnology and Information Age.

In our times, the pace of change is quickening and the World has noticed. Many have written great works about this (such as Goordon E. Moore , Ray Kurzweil, James Hughes, Ramez Naam, Joel Garreau, Hugo de Garis, etc) some more optimistic than others.

Life has had the potential to evolve and adapt for countless generations. Now we face a greater challenge. The looming horizon presents intelligence with the chance to not only enhance its surroundings as we've been doing for the last few centuries, but enhance ourselves.

As we see our world so we act and as we act so it becomes. This is why I feel it is important for optimistic memes on technological progress, and the reason why I favor Kurzweil's arguments over Hugo de Garis.
by Andres, on April 20 2007:
Apparently the movie was removed from google earth, trying to find other sources.

If you find it before I do, feel free to post it.
by Andres, on April 20 2007:
You can watch it at:
by Andres, on July 26 2007:
Updated. Full documentary restored.
by Profhugodegaris, on July 05 2008:
In the fall of 2006, the BBC came out with a historic documentary in their famous "Horizon" series (similar to America's "Nova" series of scientific TV documentaries). It was the first major full length documentary to devote itself to the question of whether humanity should build a species superior to itself, and helped make millions of people conscious of the question. The general public is still not broadly conscious of the "species dominance" issue as it is, for example, with the "global warming/climate change" issue. Thanks to documentaries such as this one, this lack of awareness will change. In a few years, the average educated thinking person will be as familiar with the "species dominance" issue (i.e. should humanity build artilects or not later this century?) as with the "global warming" issue. It is likely that 50+ years from now, or sooner, the species dominance issue will be dominating our global politics. It may have become the planet's dominant issue.
by Andres, on August 16 2008:
Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Professor de Garis. For us cosmists, it is on our best interest to rally the public to our cause. : )
by Sanpatrick81, on February 04 2013:
Oops this video is not playing. However, overall i recommend your given video. Thanks :)
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