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This is a great Nissan X-trail commercial. It depicts a car that is capable of rapidly transforming to adapt to various terrains and environments.

It contains some amazing computer generated graphics aimed at inspiring us to imagine where the future of advanced robotics might lead.
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On september 18 2007
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by Andres, on September 18 2007:
Just caught a glimpse of some amazing X-trail advertisements here in Italy.

I actually found this one by accident, I was searching for another one I wanted to show you.

I'm not sure if back in the states anyone has seen the X-trail commercial where four robots assemble outside of the tires and scan the area. It is a cool ad.

I'll add it as soon as I find it available online, unless of course, one of you smart folks beats me to it before I get back home :)

I hope you're all okay.

- Andres

by Andres, on September 18 2007:
How would you like Thoughtware.TV to handle that which does not match our community's standard of content?

Would you like...

1) ...a voting system that lets you say what you like and what you do not. This allows the community to determine what posts are of h+ interest. Basically each user, via a vote, decides what is acceptable content or not.

2) Have all content moderated by an administrator.

3) A simple option in which you determine if a post is acceptable or not. This would not determine popularity, only acceptable content. If enough members of the community disapprove, the video disappears from the main page.

4) A combination of 1 and 3. A voting system that will allow each of us to vote if we like a video, while also including a system for marking videos as unacceptable.

I welcome your ideas, I know they will shape the way Thoughtware.TV develops further as a tool for you and the rest of the community. Share your thoughts!

by Athan, on September 18 2007:
Option 4 in my opinion, if it's not too much of a bother. That way one can prioritize the best videos and weed out the ones that don't fit within the curriculum.

Very cool video Andres, hope you're having fun in Italy =)
by Andres, on September 19 2007:
Hiya Athan,

Having a great time in Italy, thanks!! :-)

I think 4 is the best option too.
by Patricia, on September 19 2007:
I totally agree with you both [1 & 3].
Hi Andres, hope you are having the best of times there in Italy!!!
by Andres, on September 19 2007:
Thanks a lot, Patricia.

Hey I just found the ad I wanted to show you all :)

Gonna go ahead and add it, uploading to youtube!

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