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Ever wonder what Transhumanism is all about? The video serves as a good primer on the basics of this increasingly popular philosophy.
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On march 25 2008
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by Andres, on March 25 2008:
Good video. I think it would've been nice of the GTA to include the World Transhumanist Association link. Here they are:

WTA Website:

Wikipedia Entry on Transhumanism:
by Patricia, on March 25 2008:
Great video. H+ needs more of these in order to get to the communities and attack ignorance with information.

Two thumbs up!!!
by Andres, on March 25 2008:
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By the way Patricia, thanks a lot for the Technology Review magazine! The articles on the 10 emerging technologies of 2008 is pretty good.
by Singularity, on March 26 2008:
I just read it online:

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