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When you open your eyes to a universal perspective, something awe inspiring stays with you and helps you see life in a whole new way.

What do we know? Change happens. Humanity has learned that the Universe has been expanding for an estimated 16 billion years. By studying this currently accelerating expansion of the Universe and tracing it backwards in time, science has come to realize something extraordinary. We now know that everything in our known Universe was at one time infinitely compressed as a singular point of energy, a Singularity, a point of infinite density.

What does this mean? Everything you see when you look outside your window, when look up into the night sky, from stars to galaxies, to space itself, can be traced back to have an indivisible common origin with everything else.

From a universal perspective, every single instance, in this Universe, is an extension of you, and you are an extension of it.

Science shows that heavier elements that compose everything we see today were forged within dying stars, which existed long before the earth was formed.

With an essence composed of elements that have been evolving for billions of years, we can understand that part of you is in truth older than most would've thought. Perhaps, from this perspective, we should not only be counting your age in terms of decades, but in the billions of years. The fact that you are alive today, and that your body is literally made of star stuff, is living proof of this.

As descendants of life, we may yet widen our perspectives of what we really are. Your biological essence did not appear out of thin air, but rather, it is composed of cells that endured many hardships, and found ways to divide, co-operate with itself, evolve and multiply over billions of years. It is information that has condensed under universal processes.

You have not only been as you see yourself right now. Your essence of life, has, in fact, experienced the past as your individual parents and even those before them, recursively. Everything that makes you would not exist otherwise.

From this perspective, the essence that encompasses you is linked to every other entity that has ever lived, and through you and others, will also be linked to those that have yet to come.

You are not only 'linked' to are part of everything, whether it is biological or not.

Every single organism you've ever encountered or have yet to see, has a singular, common point of origin with you. This is not a philosophical argument. When tracing all the matter and energy in the Universe, a point of origin is evident.

Just like energy came together to form stars, and stars came together to form galaxies, our chaotic Universe has out of purely random interactions of its parts and enough time, produced results that are of a higher level of order and in conscious terms, perhaps worthy of being classified as evolutionary achievements or evolutionary leaps.

After billions of years, random interactions led to another giant leap, Life. A leap that could rival the formation of the first atoms to the first galaxies: An information mechanism that could respond to stimuli and pass down information from one generation to the next (although not perfect on occasion, information would be passed down incorrectly and a mutation would take place).

After billions of years, by chance, some rare mutations had favorable results, allowing life to be better fit for living under constantly changing environments.

What am I getting at here? Everything has been in constant change, this process has not stopped. We live in an age of wonder.

Try this: next time you look at another being with kindness and humility in your eyes, try to understand that you're seeing a reflection of yourself and the Universe within that entity. In a sense, everything you do to it, you are doing to yourself, everything you do to yourself; you're doing to everyone else. When you hold the hand of that someone you love, you're holding the hand of an entity that took billions of years in the making. Someone who shares something very special with you and both of you do too with everything else. We are encompassed by ourselves.

Aware and unaware, you’ve come an unimaginable long way. Even as you experience change consciously in your daily life, it is also happening to you on a macro universal scale, however ignorant of it all of us may be.

Similarly to the way that you, as life, have a point of origin that did not begin in the womb, the evolution of life is but a brief cosmic step of a macro universal process. We can call this Universal Evolution, or the evolution of Information on a universal scale; a process that is not limited to biological evolution, but one from which biological evolution emerged from. From an intelligent, conscious perspective, now you have the ability to play a role in this process like none before.

Look around you, and you may realize who and what you are; your amazing potential. To have had your essence, eternal, non-stagnant, forged inside in the hearts of stars, to have evolved hands to feel and eyes to see, ears to listen. After being partly eradicated off the face of the planet by meteors, you've had the ability to survive the toughest of ice ages, powerful droughts and dangerous moments of starvation. You have discovered fire. You've learned to form ideas about the world, becoming increasingly more aware of yourself. You have learned to pass down information beyond genetics, via language, literature and now the Internet. You have looked into the past and learned to reason for the future. You've created technology and inspired yourself throughout generations...In our times, through intelligence and technology, you are exponentially becoming.

We are surrounded by insurmountable opportunities. The Universe has found a way to reason about itself, and we are experiencing that new evolutionary step, one which does not seem to have any particular singular point of importance, but one to which we can give value to as sentient beings, if we choose to.

What meaning do you want for your life?

There is so much more for us to yet find out and understand. Through reason, science and technology we're breaking away the shells of ignorance and the barriers that limit us from achieving our dreams.

Where we go from here, is entirely up to us, because if we choose to, the Universe will no longer be driven by chance...but by choice.

- Andres

“This is the time to be alive to see it all happen, to be a part of it. That makes the blood race, and each breath is an adventure.”
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by Andres, on April 20 2007:
Music was edited by me, it is a remix of various of Dj Doboy Trancequility Mixes (you can download them for free at

The videos are a mix of various clips of videos found in Thoughtware.TV. Including the Ghost in the Shell's creation of an android, Cosmic Perspective and the future of gaming (playstation 9).
by Andres, on November 17 2008:
This is a video post back from 2007. It was the first video I created for Thoughtware.TV. The goal was to share thoughts and views on life and the evolving nature of the Universe.

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