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Growing new body parts, organs, and 3dprinting them as well. An obvious though poorly funded field of research. I guess there's too much potential for radical life extention here to really get this going. Not to mention the cosmetic uses (as if that were necessary).

Ref. this other thoughtware video about artificial blood.

Seems like a good combination.
One could use this Hemopure to get oxygen to tissues untill the vascularization process has congeeled. (I could see where trying to get Blood Pressure up to normal 120/70 in freshly printed tissues would be an explosive problem)

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On may 22 2008
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by Andres, on May 22 2008:
H+! Great video Damianpoirier!

So many people will be saved when waiting for an organ transplant is reduced from a few years, to a few hours. Research in the field of Regenerative Medicine must move forward.

by Andres, on May 22 2008:
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