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On Wednesday May 14 2008, ASIMO demonstrated its unique capabilities for hundreds of area school children at 10:45 a.m, prior to a specially arranged master class in Orchestra Hall, where a select group of music students received personal music instruction from Yo-Yo Ma. In attendance were students from the Detroit School of Arts (DSA), Detroit Renaissance and Cass Technical high schools, as well as from schools across metro Detroit and Windsor, Canada.

ASIMO, which stands for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, is designed to help people and will someday assist the elderly and disabled in their homes. But while Honda continues to develop and enhance ASIMO's capabilities, ASIMO is being used today to encourage and inspire young students to consider studies in math and science. The addition of music education to ASIMO's repertoire is a natural extension of these efforts.
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by Andres, on May 14 2008:
"Who will be the next Beethoven, who will be the next Mozart"? It is said that musical geniuses can hear and compose orchestras in their minds...

I can imagine a transhuman intelligence with the ability to listen to all of the instruments of all of the songs ever written, simultaneously, finding patterns and inspiration, while creatively composing master symphonies, so powerful and beautiful, like never heard before. "The future ain't what it used to be."'ll be so much better. Perhaps in a few decades.

Anyway, lets forget about the future for is too far away right? Let us instead enjoy the present, where a robot is coordinating human talent and directing a beautiful symphony orchestra. I wonder if one were to ask people that are not aware of accelerating advancements in these scientific and technological fields, whether they think this achievement would be possible soon. I wonder how many would say "impossible" or... "maybe in a few decades", not realizing such a thing already ocurred, today.

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