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Raymond Kurzweil plans to release two new films about the singularity. Transcendent Man, in post-production (2009) and The Singularity is Near which is going to complete filming this summer and is scheduled to be released early 2009.

In regards to Transcendent Man, Felicia Ptolemy wrote: "This film tells the story of Ray Kurzweil's early days as an inventor, including his influences, successes and accolades, and eventually delves deeply into his astonishing predictions about the future, raising profound questions about our humanity, our divinity, and, ultimately, our destiny"

The Singularity is Near film will feature Ray Kurzweil interacting with a panoply of thinkers on the impact of exponentially expanding technologies on the nature of human life in the next half century. It will feature many cutting-edge graphics and special effects.

The intertwined B-line is the story of Ramona, a machine intelligence, who becomes more and more humanlike and independent - a Pinocchio story. She combats an attack of self-replicating nanobots (gray goo) and hires Alan Dershowitz (who plays himself ) to press for her legal rights as a “person.” The judge rules that he will grant her full legal personhood if she passes a “Turing test,” in which she must appear indistinguishable from an actual human in a text conversation. She gets coaching from Tony Robbins (who plays himself ) to become “more human.” The story continues from there.

You can read more about both films in the following links:
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