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Scientists have made a genetic breakthrough which they claim could extend human life and even protect against cancer. They carried out experiments on mice which made them live 45 per cent longer and left them free from tumours.
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On september 01 2008
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by Andres, on September 01 2008:
We can't even begin to quantify the amount of suffering aging has dealt to human-kind. Death is horrid and should be abolished. To be free, truly free, humanity must break away the chains that limit our ability to grow, to learn, to live, to experience and explore. We do not want to have decrepit bodies and minds, much less cease to be.

Anti-aging is the first step towards achieving our dreams. Those who are Pro-Death, should have the option to die and cease to exist when they chose to. But those of us who want to live, experience the present and build a better future, are growing in numbers and are working hard to propel our species towards an unrivaled Scientific enlightenment and Technological Progress.


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